Come What May RP; Confessions

"Jesse and Kurt should hook up. ;)" -Anon

"It’s really hard watching Kurt slowly lose his mind." -Anon

"I really miss Pieberry, adorable even if there are struggles." -Anon

Any more confessions? The ask box is open!


Blaine will never be able to protect Kurt and he needs to realize that! - Anonymous

Jesse is the best thing to happen to Rachel! - Anonymous

It will always be Berry-Pierce; never Berry and Pierce. - Anon

Rachel and Jesse make a really cute and happy couple. Jesse should thank Shelby for introducing them all those years back. - Anon

All the issues between Quinn and Shelby are because of Rachel, who doesn’t see how much she hurts Shelby by being nothing more than a Hi-and-Bye “friend” to her. - Anon